FORNACE49 makes use of the skill and experience of master glassmakers, giving life to creations entirely handmade in Venice, according to the most ancient techniques of blown glass; true works of art that bring back the splendor and sophistication of the Murano glass tradition. Each piece is made by master glassmakers with passion, quality materials and paying the utmost attention to detail, so as to create chandeliers that are always valuable and of rare beauty.

The Company was created to respond to a specific market need, i.e. the need for designers, architects and interior designers to deal with an “evolved” interlocutor >, which goes beyond the technical production skills of the Master Glassmakers, and who is able to interact profitably with them.
To this end, FORNACE49 – thanks to a team of external professionals from the world of architecture, project management, art and communication – is able to work closely with designers, to implement their requests, to understand their needs and offer them innovative solutions.

Having, for example, precise indications regarding the structure, the diameter, the height, the number of lights most suitable for a specific environment, as well as developing an overall project that allows the end customer to understand in advance what the effect, they offer valuable support to the work of designers. The tradition of Murano glass is therefore put at the service of designers and architects, to offer a double opportunity:

  • develop original objects in Murano glass which, starting from the designer’s ideas and ideas or by faithfully reproducing his designs, are suitable for the contexts for which they are designed, even the more contemporary ones which require clean and essential lines;
  • develop and manage “special projects”, more or less complex, for the contract production of Murano glass chandeliers, both for private homes and for hotel or commercial structures.

FORNACE49 produces numerous types of chandeliers, from the historic ones of the Venetian tradition – with classic or “Rezzonico” structure and workmanship – to the modern ones – with simplified shapes and updated colours; from vintage to the most contemporary designs, up to the new floral ones. All products are made to measure and the wide margins for customization allow us to always offer the objects best suited to the customer’s tastes and needs, as well as the spaces in which they will be inserted. Each chandelier can be customized in structure, dimensions, number of arms, lights, decorations and colours. Finally, it can be colored “in paste”, “a fogo”, painted or embellished with silver or 24Kt gold leaves, according to ancient Venetian traditions.